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How many people in this world can honestly say that they know their calling and purpose on this journey, called LIFE? I give all honor and praise to God for revealing to me my true purpose, the gift, his gift of music. It’s the language that speaks to the hearts and souls of people all around the world, from all walks of life, religions and cultures. Amazing, when you really stop… to think about it! From the United States to China, Africa to Spain, music is the passport to the world.

I’m so grateful, humbled and excited at the endless possibilities that await. It is my hope, that my music establishes a long and lasting connection between you and I, touching your spirit in such a way that your creative gift is realized. In all that I have done and all that I have to do, I’ve learned to appreciate the moment!


Nothing but Love

Herb Wilborn Jr Signature 2

Herb Wilborn Jr.